Pastors & Staff

Our Staff

At an annual Staff Retreat, our Staff Social Covenant is reviewed and updated. All staff members agree to uphold the Covenant. This important tool offers direction and guidance about how we agree to treat our pastors and each other.


Rev. Dr. Charley Reeb

Senior Pastor

Rev. Andy Whitaker Smith

Associate Pastor

Rev. Nicki Taylor

Associate Pastor

Adult Ministries

Warren Pattison

Director of Adult Ministries

Sharon Diaz

Adult Ministries Assistant


Harriet Mayes

Interim Church Administrator

Nicole Wood

Administrative Assistant (Pastors)

Angela Everett

Administrative Assistant (Church)

Rosie Reck

Financial Assistant

Carole Christensen

Financial Services

Beckie Kossen

Financial Services

Children, Youth & Neighborhood

Cristi Moore

Director of Children’s Ministries

Emily Felgenhauer

Director of Youth Ministries

Eina Dorado

Co-Director of Neighborhood Ministries

Sean Hults

Co-Director of Neighborhood Ministries

Kristin Santonastaso

Associate Director of Children's Ministries

Megan Gallagher

Associate Director of Youth Ministries

Ivelisse Arman

Youth & Neighborhood Ministries Admin Assistant

Congregational Care

Rev. Dale Golden

Minister of Visitation

Vicky Pitner

Memory Ministry Coordinator


Callie Golden

Communications Coordinator

Shawn Joyner

Media Coordinator

Facilities & Kitchen

Fred Murphy

Interim Director of Facilities

Bill Moore

Director of Food Services

Morgan Romanik

Facilities Manager

Daniel King

Facilities Coordinator

Tom Kelly

Food Services Manager

Charlie Peddycoart

Facilities Maintenance Tech

Mwidmisi Munnisi


Carol Chastain


Tavares Coakley



Forrest White

Director of Missions Ministries

Music & Fine Arts

Karen Buie

Co-Director of Music and Fine Arts

Matthew Corl

Co-Director of Music and Fine Arts

Jeremy Hearn

Director of Contemporary Worship

Diana Russell

Kids Praise Coordinator

Jessica Michel

Administrative Assistant

Invite Ministries

Diana Russell

Director of Invite Ministries


Josephine Gabriel

Director of Preschool Ministries

Amy McLaughlin

Associate Director of Preschool Ministries