Practicing Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Vicky Pitner   -  

Mindfulness is simply paying attention and being aware of the present moment. When you are supporting someone living with memory loss, practicing mindfulness can help ease stress and anxiety, and improve quality of life for both you and your loved one. Below are some ways to practice mindfulness throughout your day.   

  • Be intentional about setting aside a specific time of day to practice sitting still, either alone or with your loved one. Simply start with 5 minutes a day and see if the increment grows over time. Make it a positive habit.
  • Locate peaceful places to become aware of your surroundings. The outdoors is a great place to tune into God’s creation and into the present moment. Take time to just “be,” without planning your next move. 
  • Tune into your senses. You can sit with your loved one and go through each sense and name what you both see, hear, smell, etc.  This is a helpful way to redirect someone dealing with anxiety and may tend to worry about past or future events. 
  • Mindfulness and creativity go hand in hand. Create a Gratitude Journal together and name something you are grateful for each morning.
  • Take a mindful walk together. While walking have a conversation about how your body feels throughout the journey, focusing on body awareness. 
  • In times of stress give yourself permission to sit for a moment and simply take some long deep breaths, even if you only have a minute to spare. Counting breaths is a great way to bring a sense of focus and calm during challenging times.
  • Remember, mindfulness is a “practice,” so the more you participate in it, the more natural it will become. Be kind to yourself and try not to judge times that are more difficult to stay mindful. 
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