The Season of Lent

Vicky Pitner   -  

Lent is a time of preparation and reflection leading up to Easter. People frequently decide to make sacrifices or add additional service projects to their schedules during the forty-day period of time. Many parallels can be drawn between the Lenten season and families supporting someone with dementia. Like Lent, supporting someone living with memory loss is filled with challenges and sacrifices, but also with great blessings and graces.

Let us enter this Lenten season with a prayer for all of the amazing families and friends that love and care for someone living with dementia, and remember that God is with you every step of the way on this journey. Right here. Right now.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bless every individual, families, and friends in a special way this Lenten season. Grant them peace, grace, comfort, and love as they support someone with memory loss. Please send the right people at the right time to help when they are in need of rest and renewal. Touch the hearts of those who yearn to help, lead, and guide in ways in which they can assist. When moments of loneliness or isolation arise, please wrap them in the comfort of your loving arms and let them know that you are there.


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