Do You Want The Truth? Devotional Guide

Rev. Dr. Charley Reeb   -  

Monday: In Matthew 8:5-13, we find a remarkable story of faith that astounds Jesus. A centurion, a Roman officer in charge of a hundred soldiers, approaches Jesus with a desperate plea for his paralyzed servant. The centurion’s faith and understanding of Jesus’ authority and power leave a profound impact on both Jesus and those witnessing this encounter. The first thing we notice about the centurion is his humility. Although in charge of many soldiers, he was quick to recognize his lack of power and authority in the presence of Jesus. In other words, the centurion knew he was helpless and needed a power greater than he could provide. This is the first step to having great faith. We must recognize our need for help. What problem do you need help with today that is beyond your capacity or ability to solve?

Tuesday: Another remarkable thing we notice in this week’s text is how the centurion’s faith transcended physical presence. The centurion believed that Jesus could heal his servant without being physically present. This is how much he believed in the power of Jesus. The centurion trusted that Jesus’ authority and power was not limited to time or space. This unwavering faith of the centurion reminds us to trust Jesus even when our situation seems hopeless. Have you ever been faced with what you thought was a hopeless situation only to see God move in ways you thought were impossible?

Wednesday: Jesus was so amazed at the faith of the centurion that he boldly declared it was the greatest demonstration of faith he had ever seen in all of Israel. And Jesus was saying this about a pagan Gentile centurion! This is an important lesson about how faith in Jesus is not confined to a specific group of people but is open to everyone. Jesus loves all people and desires for everyone to put their trust in him. Jesus is the help and hope of the world and there is no prerequisite to experiencing his saving love and abiding strength. Do you remember the first time you decided to trust Jesus as your Savior and rely on him? How has that decision made a difference to your life?

Thursday: Jesus granted the centurion’s request and healed his servant. The centurion’s faith moved the heart of Jesus. The message of Sunday was that one of the fastest ways to move the heart of Jesus is to expect him to act in your life. Our willingness to trust Jesus and rely on him pleases him immensely. He wants us to take his hand and depend on his strength and wisdom. When was the last time you prayed expectantly, trusting Jesus to act in your life?

Friday: Begin your day today with this prayer: “Dear Lord, thank you for the example of the centurion’s faith. Help us to approach you with humility, acknowledging our need for your intervention. Strengthen our faith, Lord, and help us to trust in your authority and power. May our faith move mountains and bring glory to your name. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”