Benefits of Yoga for Everyone!

Vicky Pitner   -  

As we age, the idea of embarking on a new physical fitness journey can be a little intimidating. It is a good idea to avoid high impact exercises in order to avoid injury or unnecessary stress to the body. Yoga is a great exercise option for seniors looking to improve physical health, and can be modified to various levels or individual needs. Below are some of the benefits of yoga and ways to get started.

  • Yoga offers the benefit of increased flexibility. With better range of motion comes a decreased risk of falls, decreased in pain, and improved ease with activities of daily living.
  • Yoga promotes bone and joint health through movement and postures. This is beneficial in lubricating joints and can help with pain relief as well. For someone with joint mobility restrictions, yoga offers the use of props in order to assist with poses and stay comfortable throughout the practice.
  • A mind and body connection is practiced during a yoga session. Focusing on breath awareness helps reduce stress and anxiety and often promotes a feeling rejuvenation.
  • For individuals who are unable to get on the floor on a mat, chair yoga is a modified option and tailored for this purpose. It offers all of the same benefits of a typical floor yoga class.
  • Respecting the body’s abilities and limitations are a part of the art of yoga. It should never cause pain or strain, but instead focus on promotion of empowerment and honoring of the body God has gifted each of us.

Before beginning a new exercise regimen always consult with your physician for safety and clearance. As well, locate a certified yoga studio or instructor who has experience and knowledge working with older adults.

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