Nurturing the Spirit of Persons Living with Memory Loss

Vicky Pitner   -  

Spiritual and social connectedness is key to our overall well-being. This is especially true for persons living with memory loss. Creating and sharing joyful moments that promote spiritual and social growth can improve their overall happiness and quality of life. Not only does nurturing their spirit affirm their personhood, but it also brings opportunities to maintain relationships with their care partner, friends, and family.

Despite their confusion and difficulty retrieving memories, persons living with memory loss retain the ability to feel and respond to emotions.

  • They may have difficulty expressing their spiritual needs but finding ways to help them sense and feel the love of God will bring meaning and purpose to their life.
  • Making a prayer box together can bring spiritual awareness. Find a small box for you and your family member to write down prayer/bible verses on slips of paper. You can also decorate the box together. Bring out the box when you sense their need for comfort. Rituals such as lighting a candle while you share the prayer box can bring a familiar closeness to God.
  • Many people find a connectedness to God in nature. Taking walks, being outdoors by smelling the flowers, hearing the birds sing, and watching sunset and sunrise will bring opportunities to appreciate the beauty of nature and can feed and nurture the physical soul.

If you, a friend, or a family member living with memory loss would be interested in learning more about our Memory Ministry, Memory Café, or Virtual Support Group, please contact Vicky Pitner.