Most people don’t like a conversation to begin with the words “I’d like to talk to you about Jesus…..” We all know it can be hard and awkward to share our faith and find ways to do so. It might feel like we’re trying to force the subject or make an opportunity that’s not really there.

Perhaps instead of trying to bring the subject up and feeling more nervous than excited, what if we focused more on those natural, organic moments to simply be present in someone’s life, with the natural gifts we have, and simply share what is meaningful to us? What if instead of trying to “sell” Jesus or the Church, we simply offered ourselves and the grace and love we have experienced so that others may experience them, as well…..?

We all have gifts which are important and powerful. You have a gift and others need it. Whether you have an extroverted, social personality or you’re more laid back and quiet, we believe your gifts are worth sharing.

As we continue to look at what it means to be Invitational and Hospitable , we hope you will see your gifts as worth sharing. If you would like to discover new ways we are reaching out to the people of Lakeland and beyond, contact Diana Russell, Director of Newcomer Ministries ( or 863-686-3163) or Rev. Andy Whitaker Smith ( or 863-682-1912).