During February and March, our church will be journeying together through Jim Harnish’s new book Make a Difference: Following Your Passion and Finding Your Place to Serve. The best way to get the most from this resource is to experience it with others in a Community Group. A Community Group is a group of people who gather in homes or local businesses to share life together through scripture, study, prayer and friendship.

For a list of currently open groups around town, please click the button below. From there you can request information on any available group. If you would like to register for an on-campus group, you may do so by completing this form.

Find a Group

If you are hosting a group, the host page is here. Contact GroupLife@firstumc.org if you need the password.

We hear from people in our congregation on a regular basis about how their Community Group has changed their life. The term “Community Group” is intentional. We know that it is in small gatherings that people can more readily encounter the love of Jesus. It is where Christian community is created and shared but it is not just for the people in the church. We want to share the love of Christ and the beauty of caring Christian relationships with everyone in the Lakeland community.

How will we do it? We are using a process called Grab, Gather, Grow (G3 for short). You may pick up materials from the Adult Ministries Office. We will provide an easy-to-use, high-quality video resource following the theme of Make a Difference. Your commitment is to gather a few friends, neighbors and coworkers from the community and meet together weekly in a small group setting. You do not need to be a Bible expert – in fact, it is better if you aren’t. You do not need to be a teacher – the videos we provide will do the teaching. You provide a safe and comfortable setting with a place to watch the video and have a conversation. We will give you some questions to start the discussion and the Holy Spirit will guide you as you grow together in love.

This Lent, we are encouraging you to Grab, Gather and Grow in a community group that you start. We are asking you to grab the high-quality resources available from our Adult Ministries Office, gather a group of people (friends, neighbors, coworkers) and grow together in your love of God and other people. We can’t wait to hear how God is moving in your lives to make a difference for the Kingdom of God in our community and the world!

For more information on Community Groups, contact Warren Pattison (wpattison@firstumc.org or 863-682-1912).