Coming January 2019!

The Brain Fitness Club maximizes the health and well-being of individuals with early memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. The therapeutic environment provides opportunities for the members to socialize and engage in brain healthy activities while learning lifestyle adaptations. Sessions take place twice weekly for four hours each day.

Consider joining the Brain Fitness Club if you are:

  • Experiencing memory challenges
  • Mindful of your memory challenges
  • Hoping to participate in group activities that support brain health

Members will enjoy activities to promote socialization, self-expression, mental stimulation and light physical exercise. For more information or to schedule a pre-enrollment interview/assessment, please contact Vicky Pitner, Certified Dementia Practitioner and Brain Fitness Club Coordinator ( or 863- 686-3163).

Quotes from Members

“Before coming here, I was bored sitting at home. Now I look forward to my days at the Brain Fitness Club where I exercise my mind and body.”
“I have new friends who understand what I’m dealing with.”
“The exercises at the Brain Fitness Club help me to focus better.”

Quotes from Care Partners:

"I believe that the Brain Fitness Club has helped in keeping my husband active physically and mentally. Since enrollment in the club, his Alzheimer’s has not progressed as I expected. I really do attribute this to the stimulation, support and social aspects of the program.”
“Coming to the Brain Fitness Club is the highlight of the week for my mom.”