Who is eligible to make an appointment to have photos taken?
All church members and regular attendees. Plus, you can invite your extended family, friends and neighbors to join you for a free portrait! (They won’t appear in the directory.)

Can I have a photo taken with my pets and personal items?
Yes, Lifetouch loves photographing you with your pets! We encourage you to bring your sports items, family mementos and other items that mean a lot to you. Wear your favorite hat, scarf, pin or your military ribbons…whatever is important to you.

Do I have to buy anything?
No, each household will receive a complimentary professional 8” x 10” family portrait at no charge, with the option to purchase others. Portraits make a wonderful gift for family and friends, so come prepared to take advantage of this opportunity.

How long is my appointment?
Plan to get here about 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment and be here for a total of one hour.

I’m not here on the dates of photography. Can I still be included?
Of course! Just call Lifetouch (866-756-0281) and they will connect you with to a nearby church or community to be photographed for our directory.

How can I help?
You can sign people up at church, take photos of shut-ins in their homes or greet people and sign them in on the days of the photo sessions. Contact the Church Office (863-686-3163) if you can help.