First United Methodist Church is one of 24 congregations of different denominations throughout the United States selected to participate in a three-year Creating a Culture of Calling (C3) project. This initiative of Vibrant Faith is funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment. To learn more about C3, click here.

C3 is focused on helping people of all ages discover and live God’s callings in their lives. Calling is central to our lives as Christians. It encompasses:

1) Who we are called to be: we are created by God, baptized in Christ and sent forth to serve by the power of the Holy Spirit;
2) How we are called to live: our commitments of lifestyle and relationships, including marriage, parenting or the single life;
3) What we are called to do: the work, service and activities that fill our daily lives, including paid or professional work, volunteering, homemaking, raising children or caregiving.

You are invited to share a personal reflection on faith and calling in your life by taking a brief survey here so our church can better support you in living God’s calling and continually growing as a Christian. Your responses are anonymous. Thanks for participating in this activity – your contribution is valuable!