Often we make a mess of our lives and wonder if there is any redemption. In Restored, pastor and author Tom Berlin helps us see our mess through the eyes of Christ to find redemption and restoration. Using Scripture, devotional tools, and the writings of Ignatius of Loyola, John of the Cross, St. Augustine, John Wesley, Evelyn Underhill, and others, Berlin encourages reflection and meditation through our own brokenness. Only then can we focus on the cross as the place where we truly surrender control, leave our mess, and find redemption.

During Lent, we invite you to host and/or participate in a Community Group to study Restored. Groups will be available on a variety of days, times and in various locations, from homes to businesses to the church. While the exact time frame will vary by group, most groups will start the week of Feb 23 and conclude the week of April 5.

Find a Group

To find a group, check out the PDF listing or use our Group Finder page. From there you can request information on any available group.

Online Study

Can’t make a face-to-face group? Register for the online study group. The group is available to all. Contact Warren for more information.

Need Help?

If you need further help, contact the Adult Ministries Office to find a group or to get a host packet that contains all you need to host a Community Group.