An Online Advent Study
Keeping Christmas: The Journey of Ebenezer Scrooge

What’s your favorite film adaptation of the Dickens classic novel A Christmas Carol? The one with the Muppets? Or the 1951 British adaptation starring Alastair Sim? Or maybe the modernized version with Bill Murray, Scrooged?

Why are there so many versions? Why is there a need to re-create and re-define this story again, and again, and again; and why do we continue to take part in them? What makes a story timeless is that it speaks to us at so many points in our lives; something we continually come back to?

Andy Whitaker Smith has written a new book to serve as a guide in your Advent and Christmas seasons—and perhaps any season of life—to reflect upon Charles Dickens’ classic story of humanity in all of the characters: Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, Nephew Fred, Jacob Marley, the Three Spirits, even characters such as the fundraisers who solicit Scrooge, or the low-wage employees who visit Ol’ Joe the pawnbroker. They are all windows into Dickens’ reminder for us about the various lives we encounter—the Surplus Population, as Scrooge refers to them. What does that title mean to us, in our time, today? What does it mean in the midst of a global pandemic?

We have yet to see what it will be like to experience the Christmas season of 2020. It has been a year of political unrest, massive storms, earthquakes, and fires, and societal cries against racial injustice. This is not a declaration that we are at the “end times;” in fact, we may be closer to the time of Dickens than we realize. A Christmas Carol, like many of his stories, embodies Dickens’ personal experiences with poverty, income and social inequalities, the rise of economic empires at the expense of other’s labor, and how humanity treats one another. Perhaps now is a perfect time for Dickens to remind us how we are to “keep Christmas” in our hearts.

Join Pastor Andy Whitaker Smith in a five week exploration of this classic tale in his new book Keeping Christmas: The Journey of Ebenezer Scrooge. The book is available on Amazon and from Our Giving Tree. Andy will lead two Zoom classes on Thursday, one morning and one evening, and possible a Sunday evening class if there is enough interest.

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