Community Groups are small groups of people – gathered online or in person – who share life together, pray together, and explore the Bible together. The focus is on relationship as we grow in our love of God and others. We invite you experience Christian community in a community group.

The Kingdom of God. It’s a central concept to the Christian life. Yet many Christians have difficulty with the concept. That’s not unusual. Jesus himself never gives a direct definition of the Kingdom of God. Often, he teaches about the Kingdom of God through parables, frequently prefacing it with the words “the Kingdom of God is like . . . ” Some parables are easy to grasp. Others are more enigmatic, especially for those of us who are 2,000 years removed from the original context in which they were taught.

During Lent, we’ll be examining some of these parables in our sermon series, “The Kingdom of God is Like. . .” We’ll also explore some of these ideas in Community Groups. To find a group, email Warren.

There are also two online options, one via Zoom on Wednesday evenings and one you can do on your own schedule through our online course platform.

Wednesday Community Group • 6:30pm


Online self-paced course

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In our groups, we’ll use a variety of resources in addition to the Bible to explore these texts. One of those resources is Amy-Jill Levine’s study Short Stories by Jesus. We’ll use about half of the chapters in the participant guide, along with some of her teaching videos. The Short Stories by Jesus resource will be supplemented with additional written and video material, all of which will be available on Amplify Media, a kind of Netflix-type streaming service for Bible studies. If you would like to purchase the participant guide for Short Stories by Jesus, they are available through Our Giving Tree Bookstore or through your favorite online retailer.

Study Materials

The study materials include your Bible or Bible app, the Short Stories by Jesus Participant Guide, and various supplemental materials which will be linked below.

In order to view the linked videos below, you must be logged in to your Amplify Media account. You can establish an Amplify Media account using the Access Code LXGMPF. If you need help, please email Warren.

Session 1 (sermon on Feb 17)
PARTICIPANT The Hidden Treasure (PDF)
Watch Short Stories By Jesus Promo
Watch The Kingdom of God (Greg Carey)

Session 2 (Sermon on Feb 21)
PARTICIPANT The Parable of the Sower (PDF)
Watch The Parable of the Soils (Carey)

Session 3 (Sermon on Feb 28)
PARTICIPANT Read SSBJ-PG Chapter 5 “The Laborers in the Vineyard”
Watch Short Stories Chapter 5: The Laborers in the Vineyard

Session 4 [Note: Sessions 4 and 5 may be combined] (sermon on Mar 7)
Watch Short Stories Chapter 1: Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Son

Session 5 [Note: Sessions 4 and 5 may be combined] (sermon on Mar 14)
PARTICIPANT Parables of the Lost Supplement (COMING SOON)
Watch The Lost One

Session 6 (sermon on Mar 21)
Watch Short Stories Chapter 4: The Mustard Seed

Session 7 (sermon on Mar 28)
PARTICIPANT The Kingdom of God is Here (COMING SOON)
Watch Concluding Video (COMING SOON)

Groups are forming now and are starting in mid-February. Honoring the first General Rule of the original Methodist Societies, ‘Do no harm”, we are following COVID protocols for our groups. There are at least three different meeting formats for groups: meet via Zoom, meet in person outdoors with COVID protocols in place, and via an online self-paced format for those who prefer to engage the material that way.

Need Help?

If you need further help, contact the Adult Ministries Office.