Sunday mornings are a time for worship and community. One benefit of attending Sunday School is the ability to develop community and connection. Classes begin at 9:30am and unless otherwise indicated. Most classes are currently meeting online. If you are not sure which class is for you, contact Warren Pattison ( or 863-682-1912).

BYKOTA (Be Ye Kind One To Another) – Online or Conference Call to (863) 250-1152
This class offers a combination of lecture and discussion to better understand the Bible. A diverse teaching team shares when and why scripture was written and offers perspective to help understand what it means today. This class embraces the concept that God’s love excludes no one and supports several charities. Fellowship is important to this class and they hold three or four socials per year.

GENESIS – E-2, masks required and social distancing observed. You may also participate via Zoom.
The Genesis Class is the place to be if you want a lively discussion with interesting curriculum and diverse teachers. The class is comprised of singles and couples in their 30s, 40s and 50s and supports many community groups.

HOMEBUILDERSOnline or Conference Call to (863) 250-1141
The Homebuilders Class has been meeting since 1945 with a motto of, “We do not seek to bring Christ down to our level, but to bring us up to Christ’s level.” The Homebuilders class uses the Adult Bible Studies quarterly series as the curriculum. Rev. Brian Tiffany leads the class, offering in-depth lectures supported by visual aids, reference material and supplemental resources. The class supports many community groups as well.

KOINONIA – Online via Zoom
Koinonia, the Greek work for “fellowship,” reflects both the attitude and mission of this class as they share life’s joys and concerns. This class has a long history as part of our church and is a growing, discussion-based class intent on in-depth Bible study as it applies to daily living. The Koinonia class enjoys social gatherings throughout the year and welcomes everyone, regardless of age.

SEARCHERS – Online via Zoom, starting at 9:15am
If you are searching for a class that is vast and varied, then the Searchers Class is for you. Leadership is shared, with guest leaders and members of the class taking turns leading discussion. The class studies Bible-related literature, best-selling novels, movies related to religious issues, current events and workbooks. The Searchers Class is full of great discussion, social activities and group community projects but still small enough for friendships to bloom.

SENDERO – Online via Zoom
Sendero is the Spanish word for “path,” and the Sendero Class is a group of enthusiastic Christians mindful that we are called to follow Jesus in the way of love. This class lives and breathes the United Methodist theme of “Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors.” Class members accept individual differences and willingly share one another’s burdens. The class is discussion-oriented with a wide spectrum of views, beliefs and theology represented. Using both basic Bible study and current social issues, the class strives to grow and mature in faith. The class is comprised of singles and couples from 30-somethings to well over 65 – anyone is welcome! This is a place for everyone who wants to share their love and grow in their faith through Jesus Christ.

STORYLINE – First Sunday of the month, fountain courtyard, 1:30pm. Masks required.
The Storyline Class is a discussion-based class that is intentionally inter-generational. It is primarily geared towards young adults but there are people representing many age groups with both conservative and progressive views. This class features an atmosphere of diversity. Typically, the discussion will be geared around a book study or a topic from contemporary Christian culture. Storyline is a safe place to bring your thoughts, doubts, questions and answers.

VANGUARD Online or Conference Call to (863) 250-1038
People of any age and stage of life are welcome in the Vanguard Class. Enjoy new friendships, wonderful fellowship and Bible Study in this lecture-format class. Featuring people from all walks of life, this class is for singles and couples alike, professional to retired. A retired United Methodist Bishop and several retired United Methodist pastors add biblical insight to class discussions.